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Last time out in my FIFA 22 Career Mode series I was lucky to hold on to my job as TSP United manager after a disappointing 2026/27 season. Would I be able to handle the mounting pressure in England’s top flight with the board’s expectations ever increasing? Perhaps this photo might give you a clue…

As a reminder, I’m playing this Career Mode campaign with special custom rules for some added challenge. I’m not to spend a penny on players (signing free agents is fine) and the focus is on scouting and developing youth players. So my main source of new talent through this whole thing is to send a scout out around England occasionally and see what he brings back.

Note that this is the fourth instalment of my TSP United Career Mode series. Click here to catch up on the first six seasons:

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2027/28 - Premier League

Despite a rough last season, I didn’t opt to make any signings heading into 2027/28, instead making some rearrangements as young players returned from loan. Notably, Gale took the spot between the sticks, relegating the inconsistent Parkin to the bench. Departures included former regular striker Prince, one of the few remaining original TSP United players.

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